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Wildlife Photography Tutorial – How To Photograph Wildlife

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  1. Really? I'd never feed an animal to get a photo. The real challenge is to capture their natural behaviour into the wild.

  2. When you were shooting the red squirrels, were you shooting in aperture priority?

  3. I'd go for faster shutter speeds, especially for the squirrels

  4. We_both_die_in_100years

    "Wildlife". This was a goddamn advertisement video for adorama in a cheap spot. 

  5. Michael Rowlandson

    Lol a little patience… Try waiting 14+ hours In a photography hide. This is not wildlife photography. 

  6. Instructions were unclear. I am now surrounded by mounds of animal carcasses. Please consider clarifying in future.

  7. You aren't telling us any of the techniques or why you are doing then eg I used f/4 as I want to make the X stand out from the background. I was low to the ground, which gets you on eye level with the animals. You don't want to be looking down on them.

    Could have been a lot better, especially when plugging a company. 

  8. I have to say, I get really tired of looking through videos titled as "wildlife photography" tips, only to find yet another video shot at zoos and similar locations, wherein the animals are not wild, nor out in the wild, which is kinda the point of "wildlife photography" isn't it??? When I shoot "wildlife" I gear up and go out into the actual WILD to do it, and when I want to get tips on doing it, I want to get those tips from people who are doing likewise in the video. Like maybe some tips on "how to locate a den", "what to wear into the field", "how to avoid spooking your subject" or something along any of those lines might actually be helpful, you know?? 

  9. That's tame life photography.

  10. 4:25 – challenge ? 🙂 just kidding right ?

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