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Which Tripod Should I Buy?

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  1. Buğra Bayındır

    Thanks Mike, your videos a making me want to watch more of them and the many photos using what I learned! Also, I have a question:
    Any suggestion on at least how heavy the tripod should be for normal outdoor photography? I can find almost nothing under £300 and heavier than 3 kilograms. Best one I can find is £260 and 3.1 kilograms (Manfrotto MK055XPRO3-BH kit). Antything cheaper isn't heavier than 2,7 kilograms and anything heavier than 3,1 kilograms is VERY expensive (mostly Gitzo).

  2. awesome review ;)

  3. dearest mike, please suggest a heavy tripod for me under $200. thanks

  4. What you think about feisol carbon tournament?

  5. Thanks Mike..I've just bought a s/h D90, now collecting the gear to go with it!…Luckily I'm big and beefy, ha, ha!!…I wish :o))

  6. Hi Mike, can you recommend a travel tripod? Around £120?

  7. Totally agree with Mike's comments about tripods. I have had problems trying to get decent pictures using a cheap tripod which wobbled all over the place! Useless. Finally had to buy a more expensive but second hand Manfrotto tripod with ball head. A world of difference and an improvement to my photography. Thanks for another solid (pardon the pun!) piece of advice Mike!

  8. Thank you. This is was really useful.

  9. Nice video..
    I have uploaded Photron Stedy 450 budget tripod unboxing on my channel, Do visit..

  10. Mohammed Zakaria ali

    Is a fluid head tripod will be ok?, because I'm planing to shoot still photography along with Videos.
    And thanks for the info, big Hi from Africa, Sudan -)

  11. Interesting 

  12. Thank you!

  13. Nice

  14. Is there a cheap tripod that can just stabilize a small camcorder (with adjustable heights)? Not looking for anything fancy, just something that can stabilize mah camcorder at decent heights (sitting on a chair hight – standing hight) mah budget : 25$ lol

  15. Which should I buy Manfrotto MT055XPRO3, Mefoto Globetrotter or the Manfrotto MT055XPROB

  16. Please get Adam Scorey back to make a few guest appearances . He's good .

  17. Very professional well explained useful advices. Thank you.

  18. can I use the Sony handycam FDR-AXP33  with this tripod Sony VCT-R640  or what kind of tripod do you think I have to use with the sony handycam FDR-AXP33?

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