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Wedding Photography Posing, Doug Gordon Flow Posing

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  1. awe man this guys the business !

  2. Excellent video! Thank you

  3. Great video !

  4. Youre the best wedding photographer

  5. Richo Hald (Rixoz)

    Are we done yet? We're not done yet!

  6. Very impressive!

  7. i see the author really like to take headshots, some probably don't need to be cropped.

  8. thanks buddy … really appreciate it…. God bless you.

  9. as an 'idiot videographer' I have often had sharp photographers actually use my light for backlight, or rim light; take advantage of what you have.

  10. What lens are you using?  thanks.

  11. Unbelievable what you've managed to accomplish in a 15 minutes video. What a great, great resource. Thank you! 

  12. mind blowing!m Thanks!

  13. Great unbelievable that 50 great poses were created hats off

  14. Wow!  A lot of valuable information and ideas shared here!  Thank you!

  15. Good stuff

  16. Not my hand you little freak! Haha

  17. Fantastic! This helped me a lot, thanks a ton.

  18. He's probably more concerned with keeping dof narrow so that the subjects soften a bit at the edges going into a blurred, bokeh background; f/2.8 will do that and remain consistent over all the shots.

  19. Abdullah Chowdhury

    Good one… amazing..

  20. massive information in 15 min. amazing tips

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