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Webinar: Basic Lighting Techniques for Studio Portraiture

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  1. brilliant tutorial, to the point and very clearly put with no waffle. Refreshing and thank you

  2. The London Lens Project

    Explained Fantastically Well! Thanks for the Video! Greeting from London

  3. Excellent video. Right to the point. Thank you very much! :-)

  4. Alin Cristian Militaru

    this is why i dont do any tutorials, because if you are dumb like me you cant evin focus the camera before you shoot, worst, you publish the clip like this…

  5. Model looks like an angel straight out of heaven

  6. i like you. i love your passion and i wish that you keep doinig what you're doing.

  7. Excellet video thank you!

  8. Thanks,I like your techniques,I learned a lot.
    Greatings from mexico city.

  9. brilliant ! thanks

  10. Learned more in watching this video than with the studio classes my college gives. Thank you.

  11. 1ScottFromScotland

    I have to agree with  Justin White, this video is great and full of helpful information, but he video quality is awful, pixelated and when in 'full screen' mode it's just useless…
    …… but the information is great

  12. ????

  13. Im sure this is a useful video but i can't get over the poor quality in the out of focus video so gave up after 2mins. 

  14. Xclusive Production

    What is the size of the soft box pointed directly at the model & also the one that's right beside her?

  15. Геннадий Ихненко

    Hello, I liked the reflector mount, you can put any angle, please give a link to the store where I can buy a mount for the reflector such as you.

  16. Memorable Moments Photography

    Great content. Clearly explained. After 30 years in photography what a great, concise, and accurate explanation of the basic lighting patterns. 

  17. Ah!! you are not focused buddy.

  18. what a beautiful tutorial… i can live with that blurriness for the content being so great ;)

  19. Basic Photography:  Shoot/Film in focus…

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