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Using the ColorChecker Passport: Ep 209: Digital Photography 1 on 1

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  1. Don't touch the chips. Don't touch the chips. Oh, I touched the chips!!! Thanks so much, Mark. Excellent tutorial that will help my work.

  2. This is a fantastic overview.

    For everyone that thinks this is a lot of work, it certainly is, but its not something you have to do for every shoot or every photo. To get close enough, white balance is often enough. You can also create a few profiles for each camera/lens combo in various common lighting situations and get "close enough" for most of the time and only pull out the works on a job that requires perfectly accurate color.

    Sometimes accurate colors aren't even "correct" for a scene.

  3. you said that just touch the edge, but when you explain about dont touch the color, you touch the grey card on bottom 3:05

  4. Neat. not so much for me right now but intereseting. oh and gorgeous model 😉 :-p. Seems a bit too much tedious setup if you ask me having to do that everytime BUT i suppose if your a pro and want the most accurate colors then there ya go. Id be tempted to touch the chips lol. must…..not…..touch.

  5. so do you do this every time you take photos in a different scene? is it the same principal for video?

  6. Best tutorial on Passport Colorchecker. Was very useful for me. Thanks !

  7. Will the ColorCheckerPassport still be accurate if my light intensity changes just like when a picture is over exposed or under exposed? Do I have to keep my setting constant or can I still change my iso, shutter speed, and aperture without affecting the color change of the picture?

  8. You saved my life. Thank you! 

  9. lol she is doing the duck face trick to make her lips thicker :P

  10. So, a new profile for each shoot? wont the profile tab be stuffed?

  11. Hi, If the color checker is included in the the picture, would this work with film DNG scan files?

  12. Very good video. Thanks for that!

  13. how to share the exact same image parameters with another person that doesn't have same screen resolution and get predictable result as far as shade communication.
    how to print with true color match.

  14. Alessandro Zocchi

    Best tutorial on color checker passport! No question about it.
    Thanks a lot Mark!

  15. Thank you so much! An excellent training video!

  16. This looks great but i'm wondering if i have to do this process every time i change my lighting in the studio, i'm constantly changing it so it might not be too practical for me.

  17. Hi, I have a Adobe photoshop CS6 and was wondering whether the color checker passport will work with it?

  18. mark can u show us how to calibrate monitor/display unit as well

  19. Alex from Germany

    Hey there, thanks for that video. But do I get it right, that I have to do a new profile everytime me and my model change position like from the shadow into the sun? That could mean a lot of, right?

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