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Using a Reflector for Fill Light

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  1. Excellent tutorial – thanks!

  2. Great vids n very well explained. I learned so much watching your vids n listening to you explain. Very helpful. Thank you for sharing your expert advice n knowledge.

  3. StreetHoodFights2013

    Wow Ed your page has so much vital information and its broken down very nice & basic for the people who are self teaching themselves to understand. Ive learned more from 3 of your videos than I have in the past couple months. Please continue making videos, you are very good at what you do.

  4. Ulises Rafael Molluso

    hi there love your videos, please help me im starting to shoot with white background and two speedlight , i need to no how to correctly expose with the speedlights? one what is the best metering , matricial o puntual? thanks for the help in advance 😉

  5. Very clear and concise tutorial and one I will be using to practice with. Thanks

  6. American Media Professionals

    nice job

  7. Flash zoom does not effect the exposure, it effects the size of your light source. Try taking pictures of the front of your umbrella so that you can see how much is lit to what extent. You can effectively make your larger umbrella into a smaller umbrella (and harder light) by using more zoom on your flash.

    I have a few pop up reflectors that I use, and also have a sheet that goes in my bag, The sheet can be used outdoors for a reflector, or shade, and goes in the wash.

  8. thank you this was very helpful!

  9. nice vid…animation works best for me..

  10. Ed Verosky Photography Tutorials

    Any light surface, including a floor, can make a difference, but we don't generally figure that into the lighting.

  11. is a white floor needed or does the floor doesnt make an effect to the picture ?

  12. Do you find that the gold side reflector adds a nice warm glow to darker shade skin and a richer warmer effect to very pale skin?

  13. nice…. awsome tutoriall.. thx mr ed….. now i can try it.. and it's true.. i think.. haha… couse i'm beginer photographer..

  14. Very clear and useful. Thanks for creating this!

  15. Thanks, Ed. Very effective, simple and useful videos! Cheers, Davide.

  16. What program did you use to 3d animate the setup?

  17. Ed Verosky Photography Tutorials

    I generally use 50 or 35 in order to make good use of the umbrella. Focusing the beam down to something narrower would give you more contrast.

  18. Great information as always. Your videos are every bit as informative as your ebooks, which I strongly recommend.

  19. Really useful and easy to understand – I am rediscovering studio work and this is just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  20. Thanks Ed – good demonstration. BTW – what program did you use to create the 3D visuals – looks like it was dynamically adjusting the lighting as you moved the reflector in and out.

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