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Ultimate Travel Photography Tips

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  1. Pablo Contreras (Fotoviajante)

    very cool

  2. this video is tooo gooood man…..

  3. I think waking up early is a big one.

  4. All of your videos are just fantastic. I'm going to get back into Photography after watching how much fun and creativity you showed. I miss taking photos, and this was the perfect "Kick In The Pants" I needed. Thank You!

  5. you are cool

  6. love the tips! I am a subscriber to this channel now. x

  7. Hey there! A great way to show what travel is all about. This is what travel is all about! We also have a channel that is all about travel. We'd love for you to visit!

  8. Abduladheem Abdullah

    great video I must say

  9. Beautiful video!!❤️❤️

  10. Great tips.

    I am on a 6 months around the world trip currently 2 months in. I am new to photography and just discovered my 50mm lens. I started using it and its way better then the kit lens.

    My problem is its hard to take photos of buildings and other large objects.

    What lens do you recommend for everyday travel?

    I have a cannon 2Ti

  11. Dany Lebedev Travel and Fitness

    great video, big inspiration for my travel videos :D

  12. Sean Lee Xiu Zheng

    Can you give a tutorial on the tripod sling? I couldn't catch up :/ And is it possible with a DSLR strap?

  13. Jarrik Bijsterbosch

    what kind of tripod do they use?

  14. like a boss!!!!!!!

  15. These are some really helpfull tips and the simplicity of your videos is great since it allows people to understand them easily.
    Keep up with the awesome tips.
    By the way could you make a TIME LAPSE tricks video?

  16. Can i work for you guys? Cause this is literally the coolest photography channel evah! Even your first video was awesome! (7 simple photography hacks)

  17. This is amazing! I'm definitely trying these photo tips and hacks! Going to Rome and Venice in October as well!!! I'll let you peeps know how it goes! 😀 Happily subbed!
    P.s. I'll have to look into your channel more if there are tips for "food shots" or something like that since I have a recipe blog and I would benefit definitely from some pic shooting tips! >.<

  18. This video just inspired me to book a flight! Love the tip on the dlsr pole going down into the river, the best shots are always the ones you are too afraid to try and get!

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