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Twilight Render Tutorial Materials And Studio Lighting

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  1. Twilight Render Plugin

    Kathryn Gomez, please feel free to join us on Twilight Render's Community Forum for answer of your questions. Searching the past topics there and reading the Tips and Tricks section there will greatly increase your knowledge. In this case it sounds like you've applied an image to the face of a different surface in SU. This image needs to be moved away from the surface a centimeter so that it is not sharing 3D space with other geometry. Then it will render fine. Be sure to check your back faces, images should automatically offset slightly so that they will render properly. This feature fails if the image plane is reversed.

  2. Twilight Render Plugin

    Kathryn Gomez, for some reason we can not reply directly to your comment. The Deep Material Editor is accessed in SU2015 via Extensions Pull-down menu>TwilightV2>Deep Material Editor. With previous versions of SU, it will be in Plugins>TwilightV2>Deep Material Editor. Or you can apply any template material to a surface in SU, then convert it to Deep Material in the Twilight V2 Material Editor Dialog>Tools>Convert To Deep. If you do not have this choice, then you do not have Twilight V2 Pro. If you have purchased a license, please be sure you have activated it according to the instructions on our website.

  3. Hmmm … strange – I have the pro version but having arrived at the point in tutorial on the "Deep Material" info, there is no such thing available under Tools on my dropdown menu? 

  4. I purchased Twilight over a year ago but it has sat on my hard drive virtually not used as I have another render engine that I found better for the more theatrical lighting that I need to use in my renders. Having upgraded to V2, it's time to give it another go. However, on a first attempt yesterday, the problem I was having was that Twilight was not recognising my applied/imported images that I had placed on certain surfaces in SU? 

  5. Is it possible to do this only then with an sketchyphysics annimation?

  6. I followed your tutorial up until 14.45, when you access a drop down menu from the tools tab. I don't have this in my V2 version.(Or the 'exploration'  icon)
    Is this for SU Pro users only?

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