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Tripods-Choosing and buying camera support for video and photography

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  1. OMG…I have that same SAMSONITE tripod…I think I got it back with my Canon A-1…a "few" years ago!!!!!!!

  2. i have a nikon 55-300mm lense…? would i need a bigger tripod..?

  3. Where can I find those SHOES THOUGH?!?!?

  4. Do you guys have a book I can buy? I'm not really sure

  5. I am having a hell of the time getting my paint box lined up for the quick release to work…I just bought a Sunpak QSX 95020TM.  Paint box is 9x 12  and will weight less then 10 lbs.  I got the tripod on sale at Adorama…I wish the Operating Instruction were better.  Chelsea at the end of this video mentioned that when she had a heaver lens she had a sliding quick release so that she could slide the lens to find the sweet spot balance.   Hope this makes sense. loved this video.

  6. the incontinuity is strong with this one.

  7. hi, I found a Velbon victory 250 tripod at a garage sale. I need the top part of the quick release plate (part that screws to the bottom of the camera) but don't know what to look for. I see lots of cheap ones on ebay but am not sure where to measure because 2 sides are sloped. I also see swivel mini ball heads. They are very cheap too but is there a real need for one? The bottom of those are too small to attach directly to the tripod but have a screw hole to attach to the quick release plate. Any advice would be great. thanks

  8. Kindly tell me the product name and model no so that I can buy specific tripod. I have canon D5 marc 3, I want to shoot video (ie: Interview). Thanks alot..

  9. you are so cute

  10. So informative! Thanks :-D

  11. great video

  12. I can't find the subscribe buttom up above the video…

  13. I have only three tripods, but I think they're great.

    1) A Manfrotto Mini. Not with the smallest ball head but with the slightly bigger #342 which is much sturdier and will easily support a DSLR with a fair sized lens.

    2) A Hama Profil 74 aluminium tripod with an inbuilt video head and quick release plate(s). Fully extended it just reaches my eye level which is about 170 cm (5-7). It's very light which is very nice. But out of doors on a windy day (of which we have a lot in Denmark) it's useless. I tried a standard Manfrotto, but that wasn't good enough either. So I ordered the…

    3) Manfrotto #161 MK2 with the 3D Super-Pro Head. Looking at the picture of it in the brochure I was a little worried about the knobs – they seemed rather small…
    Well, they are not! I got quite a shock when I saw the size of the beast "in the flesh". It is simply huge and weighs about 21 pounds, so I bought a Manfrotto strap for it as well. The fully extended height including head and camera is 3 meters = ten feet!! It may not be an obvious choice for running about in the wild, but set to my eye level it is rock solid even with an 800 mm lens on a windy day.

  14. Tony, can you provide the specs for the monopod/head setup that you showed in the Tripod video? And maybe a link to where they can be bought. Thanks!

  15. what make is your travel tripod?

  16. Matthew “uppon2” Copperpot

    I thought you would be using an Android phone. I was shocked to see you pull out that iPhone as you and I seem to have the same views on technology. Nice video, once again :)

  17. After watching some of your YouTube videos (and Chelsea calling me a cheapskate (lol))  I bought your Stunning Digital Photography book. I just wanted you to know that i learned a ton from both your videos and the book.  Great work both of you.  Thanks!

  18. Can I ask what is the brand @ 5:20 min into your video !? You called travel video tripod :)

  19. does any tripod work for any camera? (regarding the weight)

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