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Travel Tips: How to take solo travel photos (Travel Photo Tutorial)

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  1. you waffle too much love

  2. Teerapon Pramprabha

    Why this is MIRROR video???

  3. Sebastiano Muglia

    Dear Brooke, you are so lovely teacher and, for that reason, you are "distracting!"

  4. 70d is better option for you to remote trigger and it has live mode as well, use any type of smart phone to get the job done

  5. I love your skirt, where is it from?

  6. I have the exact same tripod. It is pretty awesome.

  7. Syaza Abdur Rahman

    Thanks for the video! Do you ever worry about people grabbing your camera & tripod and running off? I must be paranoid, but that's what I'm afraid of!!

  8. Hi Brooke. Great enthusiastic video. I have pretty much the same setup as yourself, you may want to look into getting an RC-6 remote and a Joby GorillaPod.
    Keep Shooting ;-)

  9. so come travel with me :D

  10. +Brooke Saward  I saw your article I think your innovativeness and entrepreneurial spirit is exceptional and inspiring! Just saying if you ever would like a travel buddy or photographer to tag a long I would 😉 I have traveled a little but but no where near the amount you have! Just wanted to say that I think what you are doing and how you are doing it awesome! I look forward to seeing you exceed further and reading your blog posts!

  11. Hey Brooke, what brand/model is your tripod?

    I also have a 60D and it looks like your tripod takes on good weight in addition to the convenient manoeuvre stick.

    Thanks! :)

  12. It takes a year before I saw your travel tips. Thanks it helps a lot 🙂

    I just wanna know how much money do I need to have if I will travel in Europe ?
    Hope you will help me.
    Thanks Brooke ;-)

  13. You're really hot and funny! Helpful video thanks :)

  14. Thanks! This is awesome and so are you! Solo traveling is one of my favorite things. I'll have to try these techniques next time I'm on the road!

  15. Ok, I'm ready to start my journey again! ✈✈✈✈✈✈

  16. thanks for sharing~~

  17. TheSagittariusArtist

    very helpful for my next trip, thanks girly

  18. Great video.  I just recently bought a wireless remote to use on my Canon 50D…I'm ready for a camera body upgrade b/c I need that "flip-screen" so I can see myself! 🙂 

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