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Travel Photography Tips – Jasin Boland

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  1. Good day! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a search on google)? My buddy Lauren made some very amazing pics with their video tutorials.

  2. Nikon ad. Can't take a serious photographer too seriously when he's telling people to buy lenses with floating aps.

  3. There is a very interesting and helpful interview with this guy by ThatNikonGuy (just search for him) 😉

  4. WTF does "technology expert" mean? 🙂

  5. What camera bag is that?

  6. When he said london, he showed a picture of Oxford! that is the bodleian library, well one of the reading rooms. I know cos Im studying here and Im in there everyday!! It is NOT london!

  7. Hey Jasin! i'm 22 and looking to maybe do travel photography as a carreer. Just wanted to ask how you got into it? cheers bud

  8. thanks Tranq flick me a message anytime you need help!

  9. Hi bobby it's a crumpler bag, they make awesome softies., back packs and sensational luggage.
    The one in the video is called a 5 million dollar home.
    Thanks for taking the time to message me.

  10. I like your bag for the D90, what can I get one?
    What is the model?

  11. My pleasure…

  12. @jasin007 will have to check those out, thanks Jasin! 🙂

  13. Kaouthia totally agree with you there and turn the camera off before removing and inserting (sounds naughty… hehe).
    Also I try and use a dedicated card reader.
    Join us at the SanDisk Extreme team facebook page, oh and you know we have a my Nikon Life page right? Both have awesome competitions, they even let me judge them sometimes!

  14. @jasin007 Aye, the D7000 looks very very nice, but I'll be waiting until they bring one out with a flash sync port and 10-pin accessory port (basically a D300s replacement).

    Ditto on Sandisk btw. I've had over 200GBs worth of Sandisk cards over the last 10 years, never an issue with any of them. Formatting the cards in the camera before each use (rather than just deleting images on the PC) pretty much ensures reliability too.

  15. Leo thats why I recomend downloading everyday. I have shot over a million frames with sandisk and never lost an image.
    I reformatted a card by mistake once and was able to retrieve them all with the rescue pro software. I understand your concern and if thats how you work you should continue to do so, for me and work the fewer cards per day I have to swap out to download the better. I shoot with at least 3 cameras so 3 cards a night to download is enough for me.

  16. In my opinion it's never good to have all your photos in just one 32 or 64 card, I really prefer to have a bunch of 4 or 8 gb cards and change them throughout the day. If something bad happens to one card, then you'll lose just part of your photos.

  17. By the way thanks Val thats really cool of you to say.

  18. Just before the 3100 but if the 3000 and 5000 are that good its even more reason to get into a 3100 and a 7000, the expeed 2 rocks!
    Not sure if I can give my D90 up so quickly yet though, I love that baby!

  19. me or Charlie Val? hehe

  20. Eddy I have to agree, while the kit lenses are great I always recommend my friends get the 18-200 vr, its an incredibly versatile lens. I take one of them or my 24-120 everywhere.
    If you can afford the extra cash you do see a difference but for some it's just not necessary.

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