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Tips on How to Photograph Snow

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  1. Alexander Rex Evensen

    That I can understand, better safe than sorry =)

  2. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thank you! and thank you for the wet note. I was just being paranoid because I've had to get my camera repaired due to water damage.

  3. Angela B Pan Photography

    The only time I've been to Chicago was in December and I remember wearing so many layers and it still was cold. Stay warm!

  4. Angela B Pan Photography


  5. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thank you, David 🙂

  6. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thanks so much, Debbie! I appreciate it 🙂 Hope you're staying warm in Alberta.

  7. Angela B Pan Photography

    Thank you!

  8. The sky pic came out really nice.

  9. Having lived in Northern Virginia most of my life, I know how gray the colder days can be. With that being the case, black and white is a good choice. My first day of spring picture here in Alberta turned out a lovely blue. Of course, I had to dodge out the ice in photoshop.. 500px.com/photo/28921991 Keep up the great work, Angela. I always love to see your photos.

  10. very pretty #1

  11. yeah b/w seems the right choice 🙂 better than those flat color pictures. here we might have just passed winter … last day snowing today and tomorrow temps start rising 🙂 yay

  12. Yea I can't wait till the real spring gets here,the snow missed us here in chicago just barely but its so windy and cold :^(

  13. Alexander Rex Evensen

    Nice pictures from your trip 😀 I liked them a lot!

    That kind of wet isn't a problem for any DSLR, including the cheapest. There is no pressure, so it will just lay there, not be forced in, like if it's submerged in water 🙂 I've used the entry level Pentax K-x (and semipro K10D and now K-5) in heavy rain and snow with no problems at all 🙂 In a month or so I expect it to be more spring like here, but for now it's still full winter 😀

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