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The simple way to shoot a panorama photograph.

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  1. What is the point of this video? There already exists dozens out there on panoramas that do a better job, not to mention articles, etc. Also what's the point of using a ridiculously expensive, top of the line RRS tripod model and leave the camera strap hanging on the body, shooting while holding the camera, not using a tripod, not using mirror lock up…

  2. Just came across this … Real good informative video. Thanks for posting.

  3. 3 fingers ! he has 3 fingers on left hand !

  4. I learned a lot thanks!!

  5. what is the item call when he using to turn the camera?

  6. SSTrueLoveMarinus

    Thank you for the information. Watched about a dozen panoramic tutorial videos on Youtube and they only explained how to stitch the pictures together post-processing, but not how to take the shot (particularly about overlapping each shot 50%).

  7. Thanks for the tips sir.

  8. why not taking a video slowly with the tripod and the camera and extracting photograms?

  9. Dear sir, I notice you are missing your index finger on your left hand.

  10. where are you?

  11. what kind of tripod are you using?

  12. t1i with a 24 to 105 canon

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