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The Rule of Thirds – Improve Your Photography Composition

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  1. That same "self-proclaimed expert" shot this shot:


    Now compare that with this photographer:

    I consider that rather amusing.

  2. Great video, Josh!
    I'm wondering, do you perhaps have a 10-24 f/3.5-4.5 for your DX camera? If you do, would you recommend it for the kind of landscape photography that you do? What else do you use for that and would you recommend?

  3. Found one of you videos 30 minutes ago, i am already to the 5th will probably have watched everythign by noon ! Thanks and keep it up !!!

  4. Thanks Josh,
    Very helpful since I am planning on spending a lot of time visiting National Parks.

  5. thanks for making it easy to understand, most helpful videos on youtube for sure!

  6. شرحك من افضل الشروح ????

  7. This is educational and funny. Well done!!

  8. Would be even better if I could get that *&^%&% advertisement out of the picture area and lose the white bar at the top and bottom of the screen!

  9. You always have an awesomly beautiful background in your videos, i'm jealous dude 😀 great videos mate, keep up !

  10. It would be awesome if when you show you're photos you put the settings in the corner or something 🙂 would be awesome

  11. You look like sea nanners and Mathew Santoro mixed together

  12. very nice!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Le glatin Gwendal

    Great video man love all this photo goodness
    Keep going !

  14. Hugo Castro (Giovanni)

    s u b s c r i b e d !

  15. hahaha…you're very engaging…I'm so glad I didn't go to uni now…you're a way better teacher :)

  16. Wow, nice to see your videos getting more views and more subs to the channel, I'm really glad it's going well! keep doing them, it's helping a lot!

  17. Very nicely demonstrated, as usual. I always enjoy your videos.

  18. Succinct, easy to understand, to the point… as usual.  Thanks for making photography more fun and less intimidating.

  19. Hi, can you make a video doing some really good explanation about Hyperfocal for landscapes, now with new Nikon glass how to set it if the scale it's gone, thanks 

  20. Hey Josh can you make a video about escaping auto mode? Thanks!

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