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The Power Of Cropping To Tell a Great Story | Photography 101

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  1. Kieran Wright Photo

    nice video! :). But i thought you were going to talk about cropping your images in post production, not getting different shots of details.

  2. Awesome tutorial! I enjoyed it all the way through from seeing the lovely scene till the cork popped unexpectedly. And learnt a lot in the meantime.

  3. Awesome

  4. as soon as models are involved, pye starts getting "hilarious"

  5. I really like the idea… But! I have a little question, how do you decide what parts to keep and what parts to crop?
    Thanks slit for the GREAT video!

  6. Less corny commentary more instructions.

  7. Awesome video! If you have a minute I sent you a pm, I'd love to discuss some business inquiries for your channel. Thanks!

  8. Isn't this more "Framing your shot" than "Cropping" which is more of a thing you do during post-processing?

  9. Wait, what are the 4 c's?

  10. Manindra Moharana

    Awesome video!
    Which Nikon camera and lenses were you using?

  11. Thank you for this.

  12. Love it.. Pye awesome tutorial
    Thank you.

  13. what nikon are you using please thank you

  14. Haha love it!

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