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The Perfect Shot: Tips for Architectural Photography

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  1. Bad Info! Thumbs down. F/22 with an ultra-wide really? 5Dmk3 the best compared to what? Disappointed

  2. Заговалко Дмитрий

    f22??? Whaaaa?
    It loses all sharpness and you can see all the dust on your lens, sensor, etc…

    2 sec autotimer will help you maintain it steady on that shitty plastic tripod.

  3. get yourself a remote or use the timer for log exp

  4. this is too bad to be in Travel Channel…. F22 what ????

  5. Luis Alfonso Castro Leon

    This looks like a tutorial for beginners, since he is teaching basic stuff like getting your shutter slow if your aperture is small etc…So why using such expensive equipment? Most begginers can't afford that camera

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