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The BEST Point & Shoot Camera of 2014! (Sony RX100M2)

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  1. Good Review man

  2. I need this

  3. I like some of the features like the F1.8 lens, large sensor, the tilting screen and the adjustable flash but the price seems rather high and it has that Wi Fi and probably other things that I don't need or want jacking up the price. Why can't someone make a great camera such as this with just the basics at a reasonable price?

  4. looks nice but I don't have that kind of money.. do you own any good quality point&shoot under $200 that you could recommend?

  5. too expensive

  6. Garbage I might as well buy the canon rebel t3i same price and more functions and features 

  7. very nice

  8. Well done and thank you

  9. what did you film this video on a fucking shoe?

  10. cool

  11. Nice and informative review.Well Nikon and Canon will have to sweat out for this model,only for once.

  12. how mach thes camera in adolar $$$ is 

  13. Theres a Mark 3 now.

  14. I need a camera for concerts (both outdoor and indoor shows). When I take photos at concerts, I don't use the flash. How do the pictures look with this camera? Any idea?

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