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The Awakening- A Lighting Tutorial

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  1. Did you have to speed up the shutter to get such a clear shot of her hair in the air?

  2. Unless of course you have mastered makeup almost as long as you've worked with photography.

  3. Joe's Photo & Video Channel

    Excellent Video..

  4. whats the models breast size?

  5. Stumbled across your channel today…beautiful shots man. now im gonna check out the rest of your videos lol…

  6. Esteban Elequente

    Nice lesson it was very helpful! But seriously dude take out the freaking Bluetooth it not only looks ridiculous but who the hell are you going to take a call from in the middle of a shoot!

  7. What's that opening soundtrack > ? Pretty cool beat.

  8. I'd like to see your models clam shell if u know what I mean

  9. good info but would be soooooo much better if you would get to the point, over 3 minutes of intro is a waste of our time

  10. Victoria Bonaparte

    I wish to be a photographer like you 

  11. Schudnij grubasie

  12. It's very exciting to learn photography especially if the subject is a very interesting and beautiful lady! I mean, seeing your subject such a lovely dear lady, would it not get you inspired? This is one of the reason why I wanted to learn photography!



  14. 3 and a half minutes of intro before the tutorial starts?

  15. thx for the awesome tips and this cool tutorial 🙂 … very inspiring shoot and a magnificent end result … subscribed 🙂 …. keep it up

  16. plz what's the name of the second technique that u love more? cinema what … plz ?

  17. Lol "I always knew you were into tanning hides"

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