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The Assignment Sports Photography Tutorial

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  1. Good morning! Have you tried photo sfxart tricks (do a google search)? My friend Dan made some very incredible photos with their photography tutorials.

  2. Nice to know there are still some photographers who are methodic and care about this sort of things, specially a woman. Nice video also.

  3. i never thought about it but yes its about feeling and emotion and you want your pictures to have them:)<3 thank you!!

  4. @xXXH4RR15XXx Nikon FTW

  5. Good video shame about shitty the shitty cameras VIVE LA NIKON RESISTANCE


  7. wonderful tutorial for us beginning photographers….

  8. Wow! nice video…I wish I have one of those lenses for my CANON 50D.

  9. that was awesome but i realized that sports photgraphy is harder than macro photography. I was thinking before the macro is harder than sports photography. Sports photography is harder because of the continuous motion. Tsk… =] I love macro photography next portrait next landscape and I'm learning sports photography…

  10. that race was amazing and even amazing video shots! … thanks for tutorial!

  11. Wow – I have to go to this horse race!

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