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Tested In-Depth: Sony a7 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

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  1. Only thing. Will subscribe in future. But evey product i have been looking up. U guys hav a review on it. But i cant find it in ur play list. N agin. Im also new to ur chanle. But ya. I no im missing alot. I no there are alot of places these vidios can be at. So ill loooook intonit. Thanks agin.

  2. Wow. When ur new at this u have to watch u have to watch this over 10 times to understand everything and to realize its wortg every penny. N u can figure out ur 5 year plan. Amazing video. Wowww. Now im looking into other options but i dont think ull get a better csamera for $2000. Honistly. Bling bling.

  3. Another bed tine story

  4. True – very annoying interruptions.

  5. it would be less annoying if the the other guy would stop interrupting.

  6. White guy seems to be a Canon guy…I feel sorry for him

  7. A lot of people here seem to be really hating on the white guys style of reviewing but i like it. I think it's deliberate, he poses questions that a beginner/novice would ask regarding a new camera and the Asian guy gives the "expert" answer/answer. Better than reading from a spec sheet. Seems like a more natural exchange, refreshing to see after watching so many, almost, choreographed reviews.

  8. 30:40 Battery is exhausted by LCD and standby. I prefer bracketing and I have shot 600 photos in a short time with one battery. I disabled auto review, only JPEG and selected 1 minute auto power off.

  9. 24:30 about compression.
    Sony are the only cameras that don't offer lossless Raw files.
    Raw files are compressed with lossy compression and are small than from others companies. Nevertheless the lossy compression of raw files is slightly destructive. 

  10. 23:10 The lowest native ISO of the camera is 100. The ISO 50 is expanded and offers inferior quality. It is only good during daylight with 1/8000 shutter speed in the case of big apertures and shallow depth of field like f/1.8 

  11. 16:00 Changing lenses or batteries without turning off the camera is forbidden by Sony and is dangerous for the camera.
    Except if you haven't paid for the camera, so is perfectly normal.

  12. 07:00 Sony NEX is pocketable only with pancake lens.

  13. 03:15 He said Pentagram mirror system?
    Did he mean Pentaprism?

  14. leren fotograferen

    FYI the exposure compensation dial exists because of known limitations of reflective light metering technique used by these built in light meters. They are indexed on the amount of light reflected by 18% gray color so all other colors require compensation.

  15. 27:40 my advice to you is, NEVER use Auto-Iso..

    Start with the lowest ISO and as you lose daylight, or in this case go indoors, start increasing the ISO to a value that allows you to use a decent shutter speed, 1/80 and up, specially if your lens does not have Image Stabilization.

  16. love when the bearded guy at the end says old and bulky and the dude in glasses says no not old but bulky

  17. Thank you for the video

  18. Sorry, I don't like this channel.

  19. pentaram mirror lol

  20. +Tested when you use Wi-Fi and your phone shooting in raw, does it transfer jpgs to your phone automatically? Or can you only shoot jpg to transfer jpg?

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