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Tested In-Depth: Best Entry-Level DSLR Camera

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  1. Canon is good. Nikon is better but you have some empty pockets mate.

  2. Tooooo longggg

  3. I m planning to buy D5500, any Advice on this DSLR Camera ??

  4. DayzwithNeal 3SixtyFive

    Do you guys understand the term Entry Level ??? Those prices Dont seem like entry level ?

  5. hello sir can you suggest me which would be better to buy nikon D5300 or nikon D7000.
    Usage: 1- beginner photography looking forward to a future in the field.
    2- have to capture videos for documentarie

  6. Great review. I love all of you guys, but it gets a little hard to watch when you guys are just talking over one another. Other than that, kudos gentlemen.

  7. The UI on the Nikon sold it for me over the Canon as I've never used a DSLR before.

  8. i see noise behind the guy on the dark green wall if watch closely

  9. Too many virgins in this video : )

  10. In my opinion the best "entry level" DSLR, or rather the best first DSLR to get, is a used Nikon D7000 or D7100. You can get those in great condition for 400 to 600 bucks.
    The big advantage of these two is simply that they have more features while being cheaper than a new entry level camera like a D3300. That means you won't "grow out of them" as quickly. Also, since it has the internal focus motor which the D3000 and D5000 line don't have you can get older lenses for it and still have autofocus while saving tons of cash without sacrificing image quality!
    I made the mistake of starting with a Nikon D3200. It's a great camera, but after a year I felt like it doesn't cut it for me anymore. It was way too small for my big manhands and the viewfinder is tiny. So I got a used D7000 for 450€ in near mint condition with just 5000 shutter actuations. And I absolutely love this camera! It is bigger and more comfortable to hold (I also added the MB-D11 grip) and the viewfinder is awesome. I also saved over 2000€ for lenses. Instead of a 2000€ 70-200mm f/2.8 VR II I got a 25 years old 80-200mm f/2.8. And the image quality of this lens is just amazing! https://flic.kr/p/wRp3nq
    If you just want to take awesome photos and don't want to turn photography into a more serious hobby, sure, get a D3300 or a crappy overpriced Canon with a recycled sensor from two years ago (hurr hurr ;D). But if you want to take photography more seriously do yourself a favor and get yourself a camera from the D7000 line. They are amazing, you can save a ton of money and still take incredible photos.
    Also, getting a full frame DSLR after an APS-C camera is NOT an upgrade. Different sensor formats can do different things. You buy the full frame camera because you know and can use the advantages of the bigger sensor.

  11. at 9:17 in the video can i take a picture without the lens he took off

  12. I looking to buy my first dslr camera I have about a 500-600$ budget, I'm leaning towards getting a Nikon d3200 or d3300, I'm going to be doing a lot of shooting outdoors (camping, hiking, canoeing, etc.)

    Is the Nikon a good choice for what I looking to do?

  13. the noise of the guy drinking pissed me off idk why

  14. So I've finally saved up enough money to buy my first dslr. I have a budget of 750 dollars I don't know which to go with canon or nikon. I'm leaning towards canon because of the cheaper lenses I want a t5i but I don't know if it's worth the money can someone help me decide what to go with?

  15. Pentax K50….  why are soooooo many people not looking past Nikon and Canon?  Then if they do, they only add Sony to the list…    Loving our new K50

  16. Hey!! nice vids, please subsribe and ill subscribe back! keep up the good work!!

  17. D3300 or 3200 the 3200 is on sale 

  18. This was a really helpful video thanks guys. It narrowed down the intimidating selection. I tried both but the Canon felt nicer in the hand and the menu felt more intuitive.

  19. For video, Nikon d3200, or Sony a6000?

  20. why am i watching this? i cant afford any of these lol

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