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Stuff that Annoys Wildlife Photographers

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  1. your face looks young but your hair looks old

  2. even thought i the one who is watching this video and i the one who's getting annoyed.ha.great job !

  3. That was great. It made me laugh.

  4. "I can't see can you pick me up…" that was funny!

  5. Full Exposure Media LLC

    Can't believe I never found this channel, awesome, killing me with the hunter comments though lol, some of us do both!!!

  6. InfinitelyFocused

    "doggy introvert syndrome" lol

  7. "your face looks young but your hair looks old"…heheheh

  8. When I go to my mother-in-law's cottage to visit my nephew that likes talking my ear off and runs back and forth around me, AS I'm trying to photograph humming bird, I tend to give up until he finds someone else to bother  :(

  9. awesome video

  10. Tony, make sure you die your hair! (not sure if Camo is a choice of colour though!! lol!!)

  11. This was so good, and great entertainment.

  12. Lmao, Chelsea is a riot, I could not stop laughing, she is good at  acting lolVery good one..

  13. Hilarious.

    I love it when people incorrectly identify birds and are so sure of themselves.

    "Did you get any pictures of the great white heron?"

  14. Noah Wilson (TimeLord.98)


  15. "i like that your lens matches your outfit" hahaha, i was thinking that when watching this video lol. Another great video. Always watch your channel. Thanks for the knowledge and entertainment.

  16. The fact that she can do that soooooo well, just shows how many times she's encountered folks just like that. Very funny.

  17. The best one was "My dog was diagnosed with "Doggy Introvert Syndrome"
    Great video thanks
    i have subscribed


  19. Cute old doggie dog you have there :).

  20. I feel the pain…. and annoyance.

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