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Studio Portrait Lighting and Techniques Tutorial

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  1. Love the honesty of your video. Great for the beginner. I only wonder why ISO320 on the Mark2? That rig works best closer to ISO100. Anyways, good video. I subscribed.

  2. what radio transmitter is that?

  3. Is that just a normal flash on your camera? Or is it tandem?

  4. Model smiles beautifully ……. God bless her beauty forever!! :)

  5. If I'm doing Full body bathing suit shoot,  is this 50mm 1.2 a good Lens for that ?

  6. very bad 😀 learn to pose ur model and pay attention to dish in ur angle of view

  7. Hey jess, what i recommend since you usually do natural light is to use a high speed sync speedlight for your indoor shoots.  I say this because i prefer to adjust the shutter speed first instead of aperture. I determine in my head what aperture i want (for artistic reasons and depth of field etc) then solely work with shutter speed. A lot of studio lights wont sync past 1/250th and if it does your gonna pay a hefty price.. no need to pay a hefty price if you're typically a natural light shooter. Plus each lens is at it's sharpest at a certain aperture (not to say it cant be fixed in post).

  8. Why? ISO 320 and not 100 Strobe Has the output power.

  9. Just found your videos today. I've subscribed to your channel, also I'm buying the same studio lights that you have. I love the photos you take.

  10. You can see the dish on your images and something on the bottom left on some of the images.

  11. Do you use any lighting setups for weddings or reflectors for outdoors etc?

  12. Pretty awesome!

  13. Geovanni Labastida

    Hi, you did great on this one considering this was your first time but i wonder why dont you use flash (softbox, beautydish etc) in outdoors, believe me its a whole new world and you have tons of possibilities, grettings from Los Cabos, Mexico!

  14. Are you gonna be a strobist from now on ?

  15. Hey Jess, So studio wise i assume you just have the one light and the use of the camera. Sometimes you see tutorials and they have about 100 lights its just unrealistic.

  16. Usually I really love your tutorials, but you should consider renaming this or something. No offense but gearing this toward studio photographers is a little misleading! Your ISO should never move from 100 when shooting with studio lights, that's the point of the lights! Unless you wanted the extra grain? But since portraits are all about how sharp the eyes are I don't quite understand that artistic choice. Also, beauty dishes are recommended for close up portraits, if you don't have one I would look into it, it'll be your best friend! And I would suggest going over how light is effected when you add studio equipment. The light is actually doubled by a stop and can be affected by adding or removing ambient light etc. And your F/stop on the camera should reflect that of the f/stop on the lights which you can find out by metering. Also, you keep moving the light side to side, but never up and down. Most of the lighting is affected by the angle! You can get rid of that broad lighting that a lot of people seem to be complaining about, simply by moving the light high and on a 45 degree angle. That creates butterfly lighting and is what looks best on a model. Anyways, keep learning! It's such a fun and challenging process learning studio lighting. The only thing is don't mislead people into thinking you know what you're talking about because it makes you seem unprofessional and I actually really like your stuff. Good luck girl! 

  17. you are amazing, simply the best :)

  18. Hi, I have question. Why do you use 320 ISO? And you should clean your matrix.

  19. Could you please make a tutorial on the editing? PLEEEEAAAASE

  20. Amazing work for the 1st time! proud of you, keep it up 😀 

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