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Studio Lighting in Vray – 3DS Max 2014

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  1. +Johannes Tiner I have alot of noise in the shadows… tried alot but didn't worked. please help me how to get softer shadows. you have in this video.

  2. Thank you!!

  3. hahahaha dude you are awesome!
    and great tutorial btw :D

  4. what mouse do you have ?

  5. Trinity is still my name

    hi Johannes Tiner.I am a love of 3ds max lentils happened controversy between me and someone who works on the c4d and said to me, can not work on this project in 3ds max. As I believe  the 3ds max do anything Thanks

  6. Trinity is still my name

    Hi my friend ..I have question when I Rendering see beautiful colors  picture .But  when I was save on the computer is different colors and be dimmed

  7. Trinity is still my name

    yas man goooood

  8. Thanks for tutorial. Very userful. :)

  9. awsom…..

  10. can you please me how to  render walkkthrough in 3ds max vray?

  11. I adore this, bows

  12. V-Ray is very fast! I use Maxwell, but I want to learn how to use V-Ray. Thank you for the video

  13. Roi Elyashar (Biearkoff)

    thank you man!

  14. There is no indirect illumination tab . Only GI .

  15. How can I install the sykes? Drag and drop doesn't work.

  16. Thanks for the tuto Johannes, greetings from Brasil

  17. RealisticMask Shu


  18. Very helpful!!!  Thank you

  19. nice

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