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Studio Flash Lighting Portrait photography Large Softbox tutorial

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  1. Kenisha “PinkMinded” Moore

    Great info!!! Will this same method work with a 28*28" Studio in a box and 3 soft box total 1200w output lights ? I'm trying to capture pictures with a bright white background of dog apparel on a dog mannequin.  Any suggestions or tips please?

  2. I have a aurora 120cm octo softbox, it has the 'plugs' to put a inner difuser, however I had none included with the kit, is there a place where I can buy only the inner diffuser??

  3. thaks sir

  4. Paweł Szymański

    Great video.:) One question: where exactly is your flash?

  5. Just amazing WOW! These are the type of pictures I would one day want to achieve.

  6. John van der Linden

    I saw many of your videos and you have some great tips! Thanks! Unfortunately most video are in low res, I really hope you will upload videos in HD in the future so we can better see the results… but again GREAT TIPS! THX

  7. Muy bien esta

  8. Good Work!

  9. Nice video 

  10. This little girl is far more responsive to given instructions that most of my models.

  11. Thank you so much.
    It 's a great video and work for me.

  12. What size is that backdrop? I'd like to get a similar sized one

  13. nice yaar

  14. Good tutorial! Be nice if the girl was allowed to smile once or twice – she's not quite ready for the bored, wan-faced supermodel world.

  15. You can use any Elinchrom or Bowens fit strobes

  16. What strobe / flash light can i use with this softbox

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