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Splash Photography Technique – No Flash needed

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  1. It's a pity to have no translation in French.

  2. BillyGoatsPhotos. com (Bill Hirsh)

    I would like to know the gear and where you obtained the plate to put gas on

  3. to lo k tu tiene k ta bucando palomo +Gabriel Petit

  4. Muchas gracias!

    Thank you very much

  5. Sirinarth Mekvorawuth

    Thanks very much :)

  6. Not well frozen.
    Use a 500W lamp and freeze the movement at 1/4000 at least.

  7.  My camera have shutter speed up to 1/4000 its better than 1/1000 right?


  8. What brand and model number is that boom? Where can i buy one?  Great video!

  9. thank you will  be trying this

  10. what lens did you use?

  11. thank youuuu 🙂 TEŞEKKÜRLER   in TURKISH

  12. just starting out on this subject. i taken a few splash shots..dropping things into a fish tank
    my problem is the subject that is dropping is not that clear, I have a canon t3 my settings that i
    am using…Manuel,,,1/40  F18  ISO 18 lens i am using is 18-135mm  what do i need to do?

  13. this is not splash… more like running water technique. If you really shake the bottle and create many small droplets with high velocity you will need 1/5000 second or faster exposure to freeze them

  14. Giannis Kokolakis

    I would like to ask if those settings are the same when instead of dropping water i drop wine!!!

  15. Emmannuel claure Uriona

    "!!Really Amazing!!" :)

  16. Steve Jobs is that to you

  17. i like ur technique.. love it…<3

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