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Smartphone Self Portraits & Gray Cards – Keep Shooting! Monday

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  1. Excellent video . I have used all your advise for my latest photographs of my Abstract glass art. 

  2. I see the forum link and when i press it it says the link is broken so i dont know where to go from there….

  3. Im ready to post my picture but how do i do it?, i whent to your site and i dont see anything that says upload or anything. Please let me know asap.

  4. Oh! Forgot to mention, when using the ColorChecker, you can also make a profile for your camera that plugs into Lightroom for perfect color matching for your camera's sensor, not just white balance.

  5. How often do you need to replace the ColorChecker? I heard it was every two years with "normal" use. I've heard that digital camera's like a lighter grey card for setting white balance (such as a WhiBal), based on your choice to use the lighter grey square, do you agree, or is the Kodak grey card just as good? For photo editing on your cell phone, check out SnapSeed – it's really awesome for making in-phone adjustments.

  6. Thats even worse. I'm going to mention this comment in next week's video…I hope you don't mind 😉

  7. Sure, why not. I'm not a fan but I don't see a problem with it.

  8. You probably didn't have it in the right place. It needs to be next to the subject lit by the main light.

  9. waste of time & money. If you are shooting RAW (as you should be) adjust the file in post the proper way instead of every 10 minutes when the light is changing during a shoot.

  10. Greg, what is wrong with the WB lens caps? I don't use any, I am just wondering.

  11. Thoughts about grey vs white card? Are they used for different things? I tried using a gray card for a portrait once and it gave me funky color then I used a white one and it actually worked better. Did I use it in a wrong way?

  12. greg, your mic seems to peaking (redline) you might consider droping the gain just a few Dbs.

  13. Ronaldo Jaggernauth

    greg u are so comitted….u hav to create videos for every single monday….so props to u man and thanks for your great videos!

  14. Is Instagram allowed, @gregorycazillo?

  15. Is intagram allowed, @gregorycazillo?

  16. jeff curby Bustamante


  17. I use a Lastolite Ezyballance which is a bit bigger than the usual grey card. Make sure that the grey card fills the frame and is correctly exposed. I have used this for a few year now and get realistic results and great for photos where there is different types of lighting in the same room such as daylight from a window and light bulbs.

  18. Thanks Greg, very useful information on the white balance, debunks a lot of those gimmicks that just wast money and space in your camera bag. If people really want to put something over their lens, they can save money using a coffee filter or a Starbucks lid, they both work just as well and with the latter one you get a free coffee.

  19. Hi Greg i agree with your views on WB when shooting RAW and thought id mention a great product, you can buy an 18% grey lens cleaning cloth so no need to carry the card around with you. thanks for the great videos


  20. I suggest getting a color checker chart for clothing photography, that's what I use.

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