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SJ4000 HD Action Camera Review – All the mounts – half the price

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  1. please,i didnt understand,does it have its own mic,how does it record sound?

  2. What program can you use to edit videos from this camera?

  3. Andrew Maguire Photography

    Really good review mate – very thorough as ever. Good work.

  4. Can you use GoPro mounts with this camera?

  5. just a thought about the 30 vs 60 fps issue – could that be because you are using HDR mode? My understanding of HDR is that it takes multiple versions of each frame, a high and low brightness/contrast and then overlays the two to give you the full range – therefore having the number of FPS with video… Also, the main USP of the popular camera which shall remain nameless, is that it records at a very high frame rate to allow for smooth slow-mo action replays of your sporting activities – however I notice that you don't really mention this at all. Am I right in thinking that this device doesn't allow for that kind of slow-mo tomfoolery?

  6. very fascinating!

  7. joshua trunley (blackfly123)

    thanks. brilliant video!! got mine coming in a couple of days, and now I have all the information, thanks again.

  8. Hi, i have just bought a new SJ4000 camera directly from the genuine manufacturer. However, the problem i am facing is an indication of 1 bar less in the battery sign even though i have charged it fully. Is this normal?

  9. will the gopro mic adapter work on this

  10. Comments disabled?

  11. How can you edit several short clips together?

  12. Wich one is more better?? sj4000 or htc re?? plz do tell

  13. Fake camera! Lol. Just joking. What I enjoy about reviews like this is that you're not afraid to show basics, and considering the "manual" that comes with this camera I for one am pleased to rewatch this review. My sj4000 arrived today and is currently on charge. The yellow light by OK button is on the red light at back is on as is the blue. Its annoying when you have to use guesswork to suss things out. The waterproof case I nearly broke straight away because having no fingernails I was sliding the button then prising the catch open with a small screwdriver, only after I've watched this does it become apparent that the catch swivels from the top to make things easier although mine was very stiff. With a camera like this and with all the mounts pads wires blah blah, you definitely need a review such as this. Nice one mate. Now, let's talk firmware…….!!!???!!!

  14. how long should i charge it before turning it on ?

  15. guys need help i got my cam and its not turning on. can you turn it on without sd card?

  16. Not even a gopro knock off ;-; cough cough

  17. how is the sound quality, i need it for electronic festivals, those the sound will distortion to much? please someone help me with that information?

  18. thanks for this video its so helpful although i have a few questions that i hope u can help me with.
    1. I wanna shoot videos while drumming alongside loud music and stuff. Will the audio quality be good or not?
    2. I noticed in the video that the sound almost entirely disappears if the cam is in the case. So the question is it possible to mount this camera without it being inside the case?


  19. What does the camera look like?

  20. o you think I could use this to vlog?

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