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SJ4000 1080P Full HD Action Camera Review Part 1

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  1. no link in description -

  2. What program can you used to edit videos from this camera?

  3. and I have included a menu screen disappeared, but the truth without it removes and is connected to a computer

  4. That is a fake SJCAM. Real ones have "SJCAM" on the front.

  5. My Rand automatically records when I turn the power button on. Why does it do that? I want to record when I'm ready and I hit the record button. Help.

  6. +vesuaoti if you go on Amazon the one called original sj4000 is real the rest are fakes

  7. Kasper Christensen

    Can it zoom and how

  8. Can I connect a wrist strap to this?

  9. Does one need to buy a memory card for these? If so, what one?
    Also: I bought 4 of these today from Tmart, not realizing they were copies… Hopefully they will still be good quality…

  10. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME. i plug it into my macbook, WHY doesn't anything pop up? I want to see my videos!!!!!

  11. How do you remove the annoying time and date stamp on the
    SJ4000 1080P Full HD Action Camera  ?

  12. So what`s the differences between Geekpro, SJcam & DPpower considering they look very similar!

  13. You sjcam is a copy my friend 

  14. of course you can,t compare the fake with the gopro you are using the clone , now try the original SJ400 SJCAM

  15. Awesome Video! 

  16. Screw go pros I want the camera on the right… lol :)!

  17. You guy's who jumping on conclusion by doing review with wrong product. We Have to do review on all the review to be hable to have a good review. You compare a clone of the genuine sjcam4000 with a real genuine GoPro. Go find out.

  18. is there a mount for a baseball mount?

  19. You're not reviewing the SJ4000. You're reviewing a knock off SJcam. It would say both SJcam and SJ4000 on the front of the camera if it were real. The camera in the video is a knock off of a knock off. Not a good camera. This camera sells around $40 and a real SJ4000 is around $90. Do some research before you go buy one of these cameras.

  20. can i use it at night because it said it had night vision?

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