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Should you buy a flashgun for your DSLR?

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  1. Kamil K. Wawrzyszko


    Hi. Thanks for the tips. I actually knew that this model was designed for my camera. I was planning to buy a similar one, and then I found this second hand almost new. I did not know that the voltage can go that high!


  2. Great idea in theory – just be sure that you don't damage your camera. Some older flash-guns have trigger voltages that can be several hundred volts! Many modern cameras can only handle less than 12v.

    For a list of flash-guns and their trigger voltages try searching for 'Flash trigger voltages' You should see botzillerDOTcom in the list…

    PS I have a Fuji camera, and they are, or so I am told, able to take up to 400volts!

    Please do your research first!

  3. Kamil K. Wawrzyszko


    I bought this one from Jessops in London. They also sell online and have flashguns for all brands of cameras. They probably won't have second hand online.



  4. Where the hell can i buy one of those. Tell me please and if i can buy one on line or not? are they only for pentax? Also greate vid and the "screen" is called a catchlight

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