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Scott Kelby’s Tips for Shooting Sports – Google+ Photographer’s Conference

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  1. "geezz geezz eezz eezz eezz…"

  2. i shoot a lot of swimmers from college and i very rarely go over 1/250th of a second with iso 400 at 2.8 thats indoors over in the uk too. he is right though you shoot gymnastics stuff and the lighting is super bad

  3. Classic photography QUOTE !! — > 8:51

  4. This is LOVELY as the school season starts again

  5. Can anyone recommend a good photo sharing site for a kid's team sports pictures?

  6. Thank-you so much, Scott!  I shoot cycling events and found some of your tips very helpful.

  7. This is one of the best Kelby videos. Super helpful insights into sports photography. Game on!

  8. Thanks a lot man I it's really helpful

  9. cleaford thevenot

    Awesome information!

  10. Very nice explanation ,so great to listen to !

  11. Alejandro Camacho

    Great video! Enjoyed it very much.  Thank you!

  12. My wife and I laughed at the part about renting equipment from Borrowlenses.com. LOL… "Honey… if I just BUY the lens I won't be wasting all that money!" Brilliant.
    The info in this video is great. Thank you, Scott. I appreciate your insight and help.

  13. This video really help a lot! Many helpful tips for sports photography! I just shot my college's field hockey and soccer yesterday with my D7100 & 70-200mm f2.8 for the college magazine & the editor-in-chief really liked them & agreed to give me more access to coming college sports.

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  15. Excellent video on sports photography. Thanks for the encouragement. I love action shots.

  16. I learnt so much in 54 odd minutes than in months reading from books. Great Video with great exhibition of images suited to it. Thank you very much Scott

  17. Still one of my favourite videos, Scott – superbly entertaining and informative.

  18. Another great video, thank you.


    that was awesome…and i watched the whole session…thanks

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