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Reverse Mount Macro Photography Tutorial

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  1. Was that just a regular lens cap that you put on when the lens was reversed?

  2. This guy is so weird .

  3. You lose light because you're zooming in. Hence the same amount of photons reflected from the subject now cover a larger area on the sensor.

  4. You mightve thought of this dof trick by urself but so have other people. 

  5. Please tell me why I should listen to you when you are shooting in 4:3 aspect ratio and your intro shot is out of focus?

  6. Always wind your threads in reverse until you feel the click of the last threads dropping past each other. After that click, your threads are aligned and you won't strip them out while winding them together… that goes for anything that screws together… except for mammals, Love all of your tuts. Never heard of reverse macro before and now I'm getting one.

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