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Product Photography and Still Life

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  1. How can I take pictures for items with so much glare. for it not to bounce back so much light

  2. Hi +Phillip McCordall – would you mind telling us how you attached the fishing line to the headphones?

    BTW I love your videos – they are very content dense – lots of really useful info without much "fluff". Thanks.

  3. what type of lighting are you using exactly? beginner photographer and i'm looking for equipment suggestions. great video!

  4. Thank You! I'm a 3D designer. After all, this is all connect.

  5. thank you very much, loved the video very informative. I am a photographer who is starting to get into product photography and found this very informative. looking forward to viewing your other videos.

  6. Wonderful tutorial – I will be trying all of these tips out this evening!

  7. Brilliant tutorial – thanks

  8. Lee Cant (wipdesigns)

    Absolutely brilliant tutorial Phillip, i often do a lot of product photography and this is just great insight into your knowledge and experience. So thank you for taking the time to share it!

  9. Cajun Woodworking

    Using mirrors  is good because you don't have to use as many lights you can just redirect the light source with the mirrors

  10. This is how to pro's do it, amazing

  11. This is so helpful and you're a great teacher!

  12. vous etes fantastique!!!!! merci pour cette video

  13. Thanks Philip! This is the first of your videos I found, and I am impressed. I've been working with products for almost two years and am always trying to improve my results. I learned a lot!

  14. Daniel Olivier-Argyle

    Thank you for making this video Phillip. I'm a designer with a keen interest in product photography so it's really helpful to me. I have a question – to reduce flare in the shot, would a lens hood do the same job as the black card? – or do you use both? Thanks! Dan.

  15. Brilliant

  16. how did you set up light in old days when there was no external monitor to constantly watching light at camera's point of view ? 

  17. I'm not sure how to ask this question exactly, but it revolves around extracting the background, leaving only product.  I know this can be done with the pen tool in photoshop, but I've done it that way and it's tedious and can be time consuming.  I am pretty positive that what I want for my job is to be able to extract the background.  Or at the very least, for every product image to be consistent with the other product images (IE: all have a white background or all have a black background).  But the products range in colors and so I can't shoot them all with a white background (white colored products) or all with a black background (black colored products).  So it seems like my only option is to shoot in such a way that I can isolate and remove the background easily.

    If you don't mind, I'd like to know your opinion on my situation.  And if you think shooting with the purpose of extracting the background is not a bad idea, do you have any suggestions on how I could more easily do this without having to resort to the pen tool?  Or even links to resources that talk specifically about product photography with the intent of removing the background?  Or maybe, that could just as easily be done using your method anyway only you'd have to just lose the shadows?  Sorry for not being more direct with a question, I sort of just spilled my thoughts out.  I appreciate your time though, and the video!  It was very informative!

  18. Hello Phillip, I just received a 5 inch smart phone to be photographed. can you suggest me on how to make it stand I tried using different hooks and stands but those are not making it look good on the photograph or I have to do post processing for it.. Any suggestion on this please?

  19. Thanks +Phillip McCordall great still.life video tutorial. Can I ask what is the mall mirror you are using and the stand that is holding it.

  20. Simply one of the best video I have ever seen in product photography…. demonstration of years of experience!!!!

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