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Pick the Best Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO Settings

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  1. Astro Productions

    Thank You

  2. Can't get my light meter to 0 and pictures keep coming out way under exposed at 1/2000 shutter speed, lowest aperture, and ISO at 800. How can I fix this problem?

  3. At last! The video that clicked and helped my brain work it out. Extremely helpful for us newbies.

  4. So increasing the ISO from 100 to 800, isn't that 3 stops?

  5. Can you make more practice videos like this? This helped me immensely


  7. Mark van der Schaaf

    Extremely well explained. Really, i'm impressed.

  8. Hi John
    I have a question? well is it also not about the lense? would I be able to take picture of this using the basic 18 55 mm lense nikon ? because it seems you took this pic from a far place if I am not wrong. My question is that is it possible to take this with 55mm lense or. kindly suggest any other lense if picture like this has to be taken from a distance like 100m or so

  9. thankyou sir

  10. Very helpful!!! Thanks

  11. Best tut on the 3 demons .. Apetr, Shtr speed and ISO

  12. wow, really faboulous video, nice work, bro! I really loved your clip

  13. Good information BUT how did you focus on the bird so quick? It seem impossible to focus on a bird that's flying so quick

  14. Thanks a lot!!!!

  15. nicely explained..thanks

  16. This really is the most clearly I've heard these explained. Thanks so much!

  17. I'm going to guess the lens was at least a 300mm 2.8?

  18. Thank you this is really helpful

  19. This is Super Helpful

  20. This was awesome and gonna watch again and again til next video of learning drops. Good stuff

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