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Photoshop CS6 Panorama Tutorial by Gardner Photography

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  1. sankiyu….valimass…ikampuyu pak samas

  2. amazingly helpful, GREAT! Thanks man

  3. Great tutorial. Thanks.

  4. Thanks!!! You helped me a lot!!!

  5. Job well done! Especially for a first-timer. Wow! Just one small suggestion: you get engrossed in what you're doing and do tend to mumble a bit. Remember to enunciate clearly.

    Thanks very much! Very helpful.

  6. Thanks for this great tutorial.

  7. Awesome video. One correction though. In the video, you said to get to the Auto-blend tool, to access it via the File menu. That option is only available in the Edit menu. Also, you might mention that it is Auto-Blend that you are looking for. This could be easily fixed via an overlay comment, which can be added to the tutorial. Great work, thanks again.

  8. thank you. it's very helpful.

  9. I get an Error 22. "window does not have constructor" line:388 var w = new window(res); 

    any help?

  10. Thanks alot!

  11. Very helpful..thanks alot

  12. thank you! quick and easy to understand and follow… thanks again

  13. thanks yo.

  14. Gardner Tech Stuff

    select all your layers, go to edit and select "auto-blend layers"

  15. cool… Subscribed !

  16. Hey my picture doesn't blend in… What should I do?

  17. Ow! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Gardner Tech Stuff

    not quite sure what you are asking?

  19. Gardner Tech Stuff

    thank you!

  20. nice and qiuk well done! and thank's

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