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Photography tutorial: How to shoot depth of field | lynda.com

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  1. I got the same from this video…focus everywhere and HOPE..You do not even mentioned about hyperfocal distance..That's what you need to know to get everything in focus…

  2. I got from this…bracket focus = just focus everywhere and hope one is good.

  3. you have a convincing voice.

  4. WHAT'S 1 3RD IN you mean closet focal point …..good teacher,,,

  5. Thanks for the tips, you really good teacher,

  6. Great tips Sir , next time please introduce abt night photography

  7. Great Tutorial

  8. Hi! Have you considered photo sfxart tricks (search on google)? My work buddy Francheska made some very amazing photography with their video tutorials.

  9. maybe he's pro..how korean archer men im im dong hyun become world champion when sometimes he shoot with sun glassses on and he already consider blind..

  10. not sure why u set up your camera and take the time doing that then take the shot with sunglasses on ??

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