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Photography Tips – Histograms Explained

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  1. I'm taking a photography course here in Ontario Canada, and some of your 'tips' were featured last night.  Thanks for the postings.. makes it so much easier!!

  2. Fantastic video! Histograms are something I have never fully understood, now I do! Thanks!!

  3. Lovely job, a great help. Thanks very much. Jon

  4. Fantastic, now I get it! Thank you so much.

  5. Aurelian Munteanu

    just great!

  6. WOW! I totally understand now how to use my histogram, AMAZING! I actually have a few images that are correctly exposed, LOL! Thank you Mike.

  7. That's very helpful thanks. Well put over and easy to understand.

  8. Histograms were a complete mystery to me until I checked out this video. Very interesting and so informative, I really enjoyed watching it.

  9. Excellent tutorials Mike 🙂 I love your videos and your funny presentation 🙂 A true fan from Dubai.

  10. A good weight loss tip for a professional photographer would be to use prime lens only (zooming with the feet only) and delete photo processing softwares from your computer, so That you know that you have to find the right spot and right angle and that means moving around.

  11. Hi Mike, thank you. You are an absolutely fantastic teacher. Your explanations and examples of what these histograms represent are truly well presented and cleared up a lot of confusion or mystique. Keep up your great work. I followed almost all your videos and will be buying your courses. I hope to participate in one of your workshops one day. By the way, congratulations with your massive weight loss as well. How did you do that?

  12. Great little video that refreshed my knowledge on these sometimes underused parts of our EVF or LCDs.  Just switched my on to display on my A6000 

  13. I have learned so much more in a day from your videos than I have in the past MONTHS from others' videos.  Great format and fantastic way of explaining and breaking things down for people.  Instant subscribe!

  14. Nice explanation Mike

  15. Hey that's great. Thank you sazopro. Please help us spread the word and grow the community by 'liking' 'G+ing', sharing our videos and linking to us on photo forums, Facebook etc

  16. Mike, I've learned more from you in the last two weeks I started watching your vids than the 6 months I've been reading textbooks. Thanks you.

  17. Glad you're feeling better 😉

  18. Nice one Mike, just what the doctor ordered.

  19. Thank you. The coloured keyboard was for my Avid film editing software. I use Final Cut Pro now…

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