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Photography | Relationship between camera aperture, shutter speed and ISO | Episode 5

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  1. yeh wala kyon nahi dekhte ho ? sumit chachu ka hai ! — arjun — so we saw it.

    pretty lucid explanations — am sure folks will become champs by listen to all this — good part is that this though the idea are intense — the info comes in small nuggets to absorb well.

  2. Awesome stuff man! Your videos are short and to the point, thanks!

  3. these photography episodes
    are so helpful for me to be good photojournalist. thanks… every body associate with this platform….

  4. good, very helpful

  5. very good explanation… keep it up – thanks

  6. very well explained ..thank u sir. n continue posting more videos

  7. Thank God I came across this video! ???? subscribed! 

  8. Wow, simple and clear explanation. Thanks a lot.

  9. excellent explanation thanks

  10. I'm a photography student and understanding this exposure triangle took a while to understand.. but you did this in few minutes.. i wish i would have subscribed long before. :)

  11. One of the easiest explanation of the exposure triangle, you're really great!

  12. thank you.,, everything is simply put to understand… great job

  13. Sir I have canon 1200d 

  14. Superb explanation!!!! Very simple to understand!  Thank you very much!

  15. Superb job sir…. very well explained with a crisp and comprehensive explanation of all aspects. Thanks a ton. You've just added one more subscriber!! 

    P.S.: Also, I must tell you have a great voice!!

  16. been searching around for decent explanation of these three things and without a doubt you have done the best job 

  17. You deserve a follow and like:) Thanks so much.

  18. Very Great! well explained with illustrations – The is Perfect Demo station,,,Than u Sir.


  19. Excellent visual explanation of the basic concepts, will definitely recommend your channel with my friends looking for help on their new DSLRs
    Happy to see a desi photography channel 🙂 

  20. You gave a very clear description of the exposure triangle–thanks.

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