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Photography Flash technique, movement and static with long exposure

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  1. Sir what wil be the focus metering

  2. Funny at the end lol. Great tutorial. Lovely photography!!

  3. Hi Phillip,
    thanks for sharing this. One question (hopefully not too silly) – what was the relative exposure of the continuous lights that were camera right?

  4. Good mornig Sir. I want know what are the setting sir pls i want try to take picture pls guide me Sir.

  5. Thanks!! great lesson!!

  6. Emanuel Guzman-Garcia

    wow awesome tutorial! I thought myself how to photograph when I purchased my first dslr earlier this year in februrary. I watch youtube videos and read online. I got the hang of it and I'm pretty good but there's new things I'm always learning. I loved this tutorial since I have been looking as to how to do long exposure photography with flash in the dark. I had read and seen a video about this before where they explained that flash freezes the subject but I never knew you could use it at the end. Very awesome! And I will try to put it into my photos!

    BTW! Georgia is a beautiful model!!!!

  7. I really enjoy your videos, they teach more more than what I am in learning in class. Maybe I should say I understand better because of your videos. Thank you so much.

  8. João Olliveira (JcrlsOliveira)

    hello ^^
    I have a Canon 60d, flash YN 622c radio and the flash is the Canon 600EX RT. Both have support for both HSS, as for 2nd curtain. I just can not turn the 2nd curtain on my flash when it is clipped on the camera, but if I try to use it with the radio and try an external creative light, it does not enable the 2nd curtain. Even as cell I've tried, but does not work out. As you could enable the 2nd curtain flash without the clip-on?

    Thank you. ^^

  9. Playhouse Pin-Up Photography

    Love your personality and technique! :)

  10. hello sir, plz explain the technique .

  11. this technique workout for films?

  12. this effect will work for FILMS

  13. just wanted to say…amazing..man.

  14. just wanted to say…amazing..man.

  15. Robert Evangelista

    i like the mode here:

  16. this is an amazing shot.. I loved it.

  17. wow

  18. Matthew Cawthorne

    Also I can see her nips :3

  19. Matthew Cawthorne

    Ahahaha he won my vote as soon as he came on screen xD

  20. I loved it when you came out as the second model hahaa…lovely tutorial

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