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Photography Composition Tutorial – MOST Detailed lesson for beginners. DSLR Photography basics

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  1. anyone told u dont crop ur pict, ignore that idiot. LOL

  2. i liked your pictures but i think some of them were too tight cropped. the picture of the interiors of that restaurant with those chandeliers, i think it was too tight cropped. but then…it's just my opinion. nice video though.

  3. The more I study most of the tutorials the more I want to get to the point where I don t have bad picture.

  4. Thank you so much for making these videos. I have learned a lot. Please don't let the negative people keep you from making more videos. There are a lot of us who really appreciate the help/gift you give us of your time and knowledge in making these videos. Thank You Again 🙂

  5. Leonard Gabriel Solleza

    Oh fudge! at last! I saw a very nice tutorial! 😀 I still don't have my cam yet, but can I ask, What is the big difference between the usual cameras to the DSLR's? 😀 Thank you very much! :)) SUBSCRIBED!! Haha!

  6. "How did I get this? Cropped it. Cropped it and nailed it." I love how strongly you feel about cropping pictures. You're absolutely right! Cropping can definitely make a picture better and it's a good tool!

  7. PhotographersOnUTube

    Thank you for watching and the support. I appreciate it.

  8. I've subscribed to a few people on YouTube but your vids are by far the best tutorials.

  9. I prefer these videos than the guy with the big hair :))))

  10. PhotographersOnUTube

    Search PhotographersOnUTube on Facebook and you'll see our page. Thanks for your support!

  11. What is you name so that I can find you on FaceBook. I am photography student and i found your videos very helpful.

  12. Thanks for all these great tutorials!

    And remember… Facebook likes != love. 🙂

  13. Your my Number 1 Teacher for Photography!

  14. Do you think 35mm f1.8 is boring on DX camera? No bokeh, it has natural perspective, is it boring, or I am not talented for a good composition? 🙂

  15. he sure could be at F8, lets say he had a 200MM lens and took a pic at F8 but was e feet away from what he is taking the pic of the back group would blur out, remember long lens compress the background

  16. great video! , im wondering if you can do a video tut, that explains how to do street photography, or take candid pictures.,,

  17. Cropping is not bad at all!, it's just the professionals usually tell amateurs or less experienced people not to crop because they want them to gain better experience as a photographer and gain that ability to get the shot right from the camera, without the need for cropping. Another reason is to avoid the loss of detail, some people might crop too much and lose quality from their images, but minor cropping is not bad at all if you don't lose quality.

  18. If someone tells you not to crop, ignore that idiot …oh snap! good one!!!

  19. great! thnak you!

  20. very helpful thamks

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