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Photograph a Rolex watch, product photography lighting techniques

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  1. f/36? That would cause a loss of image quality. Every lens has a specific aperture that creates for the best photo. Obviously you don't want anything soft, but there are many stops before this that will keep the watch in full focus. If there's too much light, decrease your light. No reason to over low it until you have to put it on the smallest aperture.

  2. J Bart (onelibrastreet)

    f36! good luck with diffraction. learn to focus stack.

  3. I personally found the music too distracting & not relevant

  4. i expect to learn how to film rolex/ watches,…. but this video also show the photographer face……..LOL

  5. Sorry I said Stunning I meant CRAP, all that for what I could have done in half an hour

  6. WOW! all that work, stunning

  7. Good comments ,nice try , but not perfect ….. and two hours flagging ?

    Just get a LIGHT CUBE BOX from eBay for 40 $.

    And shoot outside on a cloudy but bright day
    I had also problems with a SPEEDMASTER MOONWATCH as it has convex glass.
    Keep trying…..

  8. 2:47 in – there – there – how do you achieve that haunting black vignette type look?

  9. Excellent video! I love the experimental work and the thought process behind it.
    Very informative.

  10. OMG……. WTF………

  11. I think this shot was way over complicated for how unimpressive the final shot looks. I think he should have set the entire shot up at first with the black tile and lit for both background and foreground individually, then just masked in the two together to create the image. Am I right? I just don't see how he didn't think the tile would reflect the watch lol

  12. Hahaha, guess what all you people slamming this video….he was trolling you.

  13. Nice & Thank You Sir !

  14. i think we can get better idea by KARL TAYLOR for this work

  15. hey guys..come on.., be smart.., he told he was not a product photographer.. i think he is just create simple product shot for portfolio and just share..,let's enjoy the watch

  16. Isn't there a better chance that Rolex uses renderings for that kind of shot?
    (beats paying a guy to fiddle about for 10 hours)

  17. Why are people complaining ?Yeah it took him 10hours but isn't that what photography's about ? you succeed and sometimes you fail miserably. Give the guy a break.

  18. # 1 the guy isn't a product photographer , he said he wasn't at the beginning of the video. #2 He admitted that it was as good as he would have liked it. And last  and most important ,talks cheap , For all you so called product photographers lets see some of your work. Any body can talk  now prove it. And don't bother responding to this post In a negative way because I will just mute and block it. Put you video where your moth is.

  19. i think the camera man is confusing this tutorial with a music video!

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