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Peter Hurley: Illuminating the Face How to Use Studio Lighting

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  1. I bought (i.e. paid for) Fstoppers "Peter Hurley Art Behind the Headshot". A few months later, I came across everything he showed in that video here on YouTube for free, plus more. Burned and learned. It'll all be here on YouTube eventually. Don't pay for it. >:-(

  2. The models are awesome, but really i don't like photos….

  3. i wonder why Peter is working with you two bozos! Hope he got paid well. What a shame what FStoppers is now, lost your roots. Understandable that people need to make money, but do not do it making it seem you are not in it for that.
    Peter, you rock dude!

  4. I think its great that you guys at fstoppers make tutorials for profit, it seems like it allows you to raise the production quality and it REALLY makes a huge difference. I do however think that the video titles should state that videos like this are previews or trailers so I don't get that feeling that I was tricked into watching an advert.
    be less deceptive with the titles, the content quality speaks for itself. good job guys.

  5. anyone knows what lens peter use in this tutorial? is it 100 mm L ?

  6. RaGeTheMaGnificent

    @2:10 …reptilian race exist bro.

  7. nice nice very cool

  8. nice nice very cool

  9. For crying out loud! The price point of this video is REASONABLE, when I consider that my last lens cost me over 1k. Is some technical investment worth the cost? I just went back through my books—on my shelf and iPad—and they add up to no less than $600 in products. Getting my hands on 4 hours of deep, Hurley-styled video (lots of NY flare and technical juice to boot) is more than reasonable. Keep brining rad content to the world, FStoppers! One day, I would love to connect in person. I've been taking photos for years, and I've never had the balls to publish, but buying and seeing your work is giving me the confidence to move ahead and go public. THANK YOU! 

  10. When will this go on sale again?

  11. Barky Von Schnauzer


  12. I'm not going to get into a big argument here about this. Our YouTube channel has many more free tutorials and content than it does advertisements for paid tutorials and Fstoppers has been a massive resource for free content every single day. The fact is it costs tons of money to run and maintain the website and these tutorials help support that. If you don't want to buy anything from us and simply enjoy the site then that is fine. I don't know why people get upset over a product for profit when they themselves probably offer little to nothing for free. 

  13. 8:59 this is out of this world. I can download this tutorial? watch it in the same day? on my ipad and even stream it on my TV? Well i have to see it to believe it lol.

  14. Hardcore Dark Souls Player

    Of course she was forced to wear makeup…..

  15. 2:10 Eyelights are a little creepy

  16. Vinci Andrés Belalcázar Yabur

    Gran trabajo, no está en mi presupuesto, pero me gustó. 

  17. Another advert. 

  18. Tried watching but gave up as just couldn't listen to that really annoying, distracting, unnecessary music in the background. I want to listen to YOU not that crap music. You don't need it!

  19. selling.. selling…selling..machines.. that's what Fstoppers became…

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