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Panning Photography Video Tutorial – How to Capture Motion Shooting Moving Subjects

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  1. Great!!! Love i. I little bit of humor is good. You'll always remember the rules! Practicing today! Thank you.

  2. what sexy way to run, no,  hehe

  3. can you show us how to capture a person that is not moving against a moving background?  Showing movement in background with person in focus in the foreground during daylight..vs night.

  4. Any advise for when the subject is running/moving at you?  Thanks!

  5. hahaha how am I supposed to listen when this guy in the background pretents to be bruce lee haha

  6. I have one small query as i am new to panning, while panning should one continuously click the shutter button until we are done with the desired motion or should we half press the shutter button and click it completely when we are about to end panning. please clarify on this?

  7. The pink yellow guy in he background!!!!! LOL

  8. Wish he had a better subject to photo. The dork in the bright pink and yellow running like a goofball takes away from taking this seriously. 

  9. the pink yellow guy is simply a WTF …

  10. that guy in the background is distracive..lol

  11. Very helpful.

  12. wide aperture will shallow the depth of field and blur the background. the lower the f stop the wider the aperture. anywhere from like 1.4 – 5.6 should get the effect your looking for depending on how far the background is from the subject.

  13. depth of field man. look it up.

  14. Useful information. Thank you!

  15. lol could almost be jason miller in the background.

  16. Great potential for the guy in background made me really laugh 🙂 hilarious dude.. very funny..
    Thanks man!!

  17. Francesco Pecorella

    ma correva sui carboni ardenti????

  18. Kristina – it's best to keep camera on burst mode/ continuous shooting mode.

    Also change focus to Al servo ( for canon).. Not sure for other makes.. Hope this helps 🙂

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