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Outdoor Portraits Essentials: Natural Light Photography, Fill Flash & Diffusers

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  1. I noticed that looks like a Phottix flash but you didn't mention it. Do you not like them or simply forget to bring it up? forgive me if someone else has mentioned it already. I just found you on YouTube.

  2. Aaa, Waterford CT. Are you guys from around the area?

  3. Dearmina Gustafson

    Learning how to do simple landscape and photo shoots! Beginner as you can tell. Thanks for sharing. This helps a lot! …I subscribed 🙂
    Until next time!

  4. Natural light always looks best. I never use a speed light, it always looks like a speed light even when bounced, just not a flattering quality of light at all. Use a reflector, professional strobe, or nothing. I dont think I've ever owned a speedlite haha

  5. u guys awesome. thanks for helping beginners

  6. Chelsea is hot! Omg

  7. Victor Peña Orrego

    Great Video!
    I've watched it a couple of times before and learn from it!

  8. Tony+Chelsea, this video is awesome! The other one I really enjoyed watching was the outdoor lighting. I'm deciding between the 70-200 f/2.8 you used in this video and the 85 f/1.2 and watching you shoot and all the tips helped me get closer! no decision yet sadly haha but definitely appreciated watching your process. Thumbs up!

  9. TIL what a pergola is.

  10. Hey guys, I just got Flickr, check me out? 🙂


  11. Just added a OM-D EM-5 II to my camera world. Great results. I have an OM-D EM-10 also. New cameras, new learning curve.

  12. Excellent portrayal of use of body for best results. Your stuff is super. I have been a pro since 1956. That's me with my grandson. Never too late to see someone else's perspectives. Good show! Communication with your subject is paramount to a good shoot session. My first pro camera was a Minolta Autocord. You are a nice couple to watch together. Good shooting.

  13. Always Inspirating

    I got a great idea. You should do a charity trip and come teach me how to understand my camera and take me out for photo shoots with my grand daughter. LOL. P.S. I did order your book last night. I need to make extra cash and I chose this as a hobby at first, but I want it to go somewhere. You too rock together in the photo world.

  14. such great video .. thank you

  15. im looking forward to buy a dslr, mostly for portait photography.which camera do you recommend for a beginner ?

  16. great quick tips – thanks guys. Maybe I can add a few portrait/family sessions next summer for a summer job during school break.

  17. what's the brand and model of that diffuser on the flash?

  18. Лев Маслов

    Видео совершенно ни о чем

  19. Лев Маслов


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