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Our first camera review – Fujifilm X30 (Retro Style Point and Shoot)

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  1. very professional review… love your work guys…. keep it up.

  2. man, I love this review. Great job :D

  3. Great review. But you do not have to turn the lens to view your Pictures ! you can press on the view button for 1-2 seconds. :)

  4. The Moment Mill | Design & Photography

    Hold the playback button when the camera is off to review images without turning the lens.

  5. More importantly, this video is beautiful

  6. Brilliant photo dude! Thanks a lot!

  7. Good voice ???? good for ads

  8. Hit or miss AF? What a disappointment. So i guess it's not for street photography:(

  9. that was a perfect review, thanks

  10. Could you do a review on the NX300 by Samsung?
    There are pretty in-expensive for what you get and they have that retro style.

  11. Amazing amazing VIDEO EDITING SKILLS !! The video is edited really well and professional ! Subscribed ! The images with the shadows on the camera are beautiful, the general editing blowed my mind !

  12. Павел Кириллов

    Thank you a lot! change my mind about that. want X-M1 now. Подписался ;)

  13. here is quick question for you. I have x30 as well,

    when you focus on LCD screen, and do you see Green Box in the middle of LCD screen slight moves to the right during Auto focusing ? Try to look at closely.

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  15. i loved this review!

  16. Wow, what an excellent camera review. For your first review, you sure were thorough. I really appreciated the many examples of photos you took with this camera. Great job.

  17. Kudos on the review, well shot, well put, well organised !

  18. Love the production qualities of these videos!
    Keeps me coming back time and time again to see this!

  19. Excellent review!

  20. Amazing :)

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