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Nikon Pet Photography Tutorial

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  1. great job..!!! i´am photographer, i have my new proyect Petshot Chile, regards from Chile

  2. How exactly is this a tutorial? It's not, that's how.

  3. im trying to get into photography of my dog as a hobby, purchased a begginer nikon l330, any advice?

  4. A Nelson (DZ Dog Mom)

    Cool video, but not a tutorial like the others have said.

  5. IS NOT A TUTORIAL! Learn how to title videos!.

  6. Not a tutorial but LOL. 3:12 xDD

  7. "What are you eating?" A question every dog owner has asked more than once xD

  8. is there a chance i can come and take pictures with you? I'm learning to be a photographer and i would love to learn under you

  9. Wow i learned so much! Like ………hmm..

  10. I have seen Carlis work before, and her images are amazing! Love this video :)

  11. Probably should just call this "Buy a Nikon D4 Now!" … saw more D4 shots in this than animals…

  12. What this this woman's name? I want to google her and get a job like her. :)

  13. Just selfpromotion!! No tutorial !

  14. I made some cool dog photographs, look at my latest video and please leave a comment!

  15. Awesome video but definitely NOT a Tutorial as stated in the title.

  16. What a beautiful video x inspires me to take photos of my rats and my dog x 

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