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NIKON 35TI Point and Shoot Film Camera Review and Comparison Contax T T2 T3

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  1. lens on the contax t2 is far superior though

  2. is there any shutter lag?

  3. Shutter sound, focusing speed, shutter lag, focus sound?

  4. Buy the Olympus mju-2 instead. It's a lot cheaper and as good as the Nikon. (Tips från svensken, hehe!)

  5. I have a question about the flash, if you turn it off in the custom menu by setting the code, does it stay that after turning your camera off then on again? or do you have to set it everytime you turn your camera on?

  6. jackthekiller1000

    Hi there, have you come across "Photo SFXart Tricks" (just do a Google search for it…)? There you will find a great free video demonstrating how you can take impressive photographs. It helped Matt to create photographs which have a jaw-dropping-effect any time you look at them. Hopefully it works for you as well.

  7. Gustav Gabrielsen

    im thinkin about buying this camera as my first film camera but my parents are strict and think am gonna shoot film for a short matter of time. what can i say in my defence ??btw nice video
    cherrs from Norway

  8. Hi..
    Please check my photos from nikon 35ti on flickr 🙂
    *flickr *dot* com/photos/otomorris/7096918767/in/photostream

  9. I have sent my email. Please check.

  10. Hey otomorris, thanks for the question.

    send me an email at admin at ibuy cameras dot net and I can send you a link to the pdf manual on how to do this. Youtube will not allow me to post the link. Thanks!

  11. Nice video.
    Need to know though, how to set the flash to permanently off?
    I dont want to have to keep my finger on the little flash stopper button on the front of the camera each time I don't want flash.
    Please advice.

  12. www.ibuycameras.net

    aleregi87 thanks for the tip, next time I will turn it on and off and take a couple frames. All the best!

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