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Natural Lighting Techniques – Tips by Camille Seaman

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  1. I love Camille's photos and her approach, thanks for this video!

  2. Powerful imagery.

  3. Incredibly good!

  4. I love her work.

  5. Camille is amazing! Great video!

  6. Advancing Your Photography

    thanks Carlos

  7. Great video, thanks for sharing,,,, Camille is a great photographer !!

  8. What striking photography. The ending note on a camera being a tool without the eye seems almost obvious and cliché but it is still poignant.

  9. I have to up my game!!

  10. wow that was inspiring i love these pictures!

  11. Camille is great! Fantastic photographer.

  12. amazing

  13. Diego Eidelman Foto

    Thanks Marc for this video. Camile really makes stunning compositions with incredible illuminations.

  14. Wonderful video.

  15. The Irony with her last name..lol She has a soothing voice and some very epic photos. Great interview, wish it could be longer.

  16. Mrs Seaman knows what she is looking for. And this is so much more important than all the technical stuff. Very inspiring! Thanks!

  17. Mr Silber again an amazing interview… thank you for finding and taking the time to present us with these amazing professionals that awe and inspire. My sincerest gratitude.

  18. Inspiration boost. Thank you!

  19. nice places on photos but most have overburned lights

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