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Macro photography with (Canon 550d reverse lens) tutorial

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  1. thanks for the video dude and Great tutoria
    can u tell me your phone number i have so small doubt

  2. Thanks for the video dude.

  3. good to know, but really useless. buy a macro lens is better and less hassle and you can get cheap(ish). now worth it really.

  4. does auto focus work?

  5. i love dat

  6. "I experienced a new kind of experience" 3:16
    No disrespect but try to write on a paper b4 making a vdo,,,,

  7. Hey Harinath, I'm delving into DSLRs shortly, and plan to get a Sigma 70-300, a 35mm 1.8 prime together with the kit lens of the D3200. How effective would it be to not only reverse the prime, but also couple it with the Sigma? Or should I just stick with using extension tubes and macro filters on the Sigma 70-300?

  8. Nice video. A quick question, what is the minimum focusing distance when you are reverse?

  9. Nice and thanks

  10. Mystery Continium

    Awful accent! Work on it please! i had to like see at least twice understand your damn words! nice work although! put subtitle if your accent is freaking indian!

  11. lord of the ringss (niko)

    Dear I want to ask you something
    About your information in Dslr's
    The nikon D5200 took micro with reverse lense ?

  12. What did you said? subtitles please…..

  13. Fernando Chabaud Pupin (chabo)

    Deja de mascar chicle, queda muy feo.

  14. Great Video! You say to stop down the aperture but how do you control it given that there is no contact between the lens and body?

  15. Pran swarup Borah

    sir i want to take macro photo outdoor…. but it is generally windy and dusty outside.
    Is there any way i can use camera outdoor with this method without getting my lens bad. please help me.

  16. Great tutorial. Just what I needed.

  17. which Lens you used in Preminchaane video song ?


    Nice english accent;)

  19. Great video!! Am i able to put a reverse len adaptor for my Canon 6D 24-105MM lens? I found some adapter from ebay but I am not sure what size to choose.  The size is base on my lens or the camera? I have no clue. Can you give me some suggestion? What's the difference shooting macro photography with a reversed 18-55mm or 24-105mm lens?

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