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Macro Photography Tutorial using Flash

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  1. Just a little thing: wasn't it easier to rise the flash power instead of changing the aperture or -even worse- recover the exposure in Lightroom?

  2. i mean, you holding it while shooting at 2:48 …
    perhaps it's good idea to release a tripod ; )

  3. Yes and that was part of the video.

  4. i would not hold a tripod with a hand while shooting, to avoid possible micro shakes ; )

  5. That's the thing about photography everyone has their own likes, I love a tight crop and clarity.

  6. Few comments here on the first image during post processing.
    1.He cropped the image too much (zoom crop)
    2.Too much clarity made the flower looks artificial
    3. Too contrasty.
    The flower with blue background looks good though.

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